What is your HBM record for XP?

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What is your HBM record for XP?

Post by Tanner on Tue Jun 07, 2016 10:27 pm

So I know that there already is an HBM thread but this one I just thought of adding and it is a different question. I wanted to make this one so people can show off their highest records of getting xp at the end of hbm. You could also do gold/mana but I was more curious about seeing everyone's records for the amount of xp they got from hbm.

I'll be posting a picture but if you don't feel like doing that you can just post the xp you got but that's too boring for me Cool
I literally just broke my record for highest xp from hbm today and it was awesome although even though it's only split between 2 heros which is still alot of xp, it's only a fraction of what is needed to level up heros Sad


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