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Boss Information

Post by Tanner on Mon Jun 06, 2016 10:28 pm

I thought of how most people don't know about the guild boss so I'm making this post to give some more information about it.
I'll first start by providing you a link to the official page on the bosses:

I'll also now go into more information about our guild more specifically.
We have been doing Boss 1 which means that it has a total of 24 million hp, however there is a way to make it so multiple people can get near max honor badges (hb). The people in the guild that do alot of damage to the boss within the 3 minute mark need to wait till the people that can't do as much damage to get some damage in. For each boss you only have to do 30% of the max to get the highest amount of hb. For Boss 1, you need to do 7.2 million damage (30% of its max hp). Let the people that can't do as much damage get at least several million damage on the boss and only do up to 7.2m damage for Boss 1 if you are going to attack, however it is preferred that you wait till it has 7.2m (7.5-8m is fine) hp left. At that point everyone can attack that can do 7.2m damage in 3 minutes. If for example you do 3.5m damage in 3 minutes, you can attack twice at the end when it has 7.5m hp. The max reward that can be gained from doing 7.2m damage is 3575 hb for Boss 1. Even though the boss technically has 24m hp it is possibly to hit more then this with this method.
Click for example:
There are 5 people attacking the boss, 3 of them can't do that much damage so the 2 other people that can do alot of damage wait until each of the 3 people have done 5.6m damage for a total of 16.8m damage (5.6x3). At this point there is 7.2m hp left of the boss which means the low level people along with the higher level people can attack now and even though it only has 7.2m hp left, all 5 people can technically do 7.2m damage but in this example since 3 can't do that much the 2 higher level people will still do 14.4 million damage to it + the lower level people damage to it which is well over the 7.2m hp that the boss has.
This is to make sure that everyone that is participating in the guild boss can get the most hb out of each challenge.

Also, please don't forget to vote for boss times here: so that the best time can be figured out otherwise it may be done at times when no one is on.

When we eventually move to Boss 2 this will change a little because it has 80 million max hp and 30% of that is 24 million. But you don't have to worry about that for now.

Please make sure to reply to this thread so that I know that you have read this. Unfortunately, this will be required to take part in the boss battle so that people understand how this has to work for everyone to get the most out of it. If you have any questions or comments please let me know (or anything that could be helpful to include).
In addition please make sure to check back frequently in case anything is posted in this important section. Also, check out this section of the site to discuss things. Any registered user can start a thread in there whether it be to ask a question about a game mode, hero, talent, skill, or whatever so hopefully I'm not the only one making threads Cool
Look forward to fighting some bosses once you've read/replied Smile

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Re: Boss Information

Post by Sir Wiggles on Tue Jun 07, 2016 8:11 pm

I suppose another reason we may want to participate in the Boss battle would be to complete it for the quest board.
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