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Here Be Monsters Discussion

Post by Tanner on Sun Jun 05, 2016 6:46 pm

Thought I would start by posting a couple different topics to get some discussion ideas. I figured here be monsters would be a good topic to start out with as it is a very helpful game mode providing you with gold, mana, shards, and xp. Out of all of these I would say the shards/xp are the most useful from this game mode.

I wanted to see if anyone wanted to share what HBM (Here be monsters) they have completed and which they are struggling on as well as maybe why they can't beat it. This could be due to a weak base design, heros not being high enough level or possibly the skill levels/talents of the heros that you have.

To start maybe post HBM wave information as well as what heros you have that you use for HBM including their levels, skill levels, and talents, also inscription/crests could be useful information.

I'll give an example by posting my own response to what I've typed.

Completed / Can sweep: HBM P
Struggling with: None (have not tried Q at all yet)
Hero Information:

  • Dread Drake 10 stars (Level 193 with 7/10 Skill and 4/8 life drain. Inscription Lv93 and Stone Skin Crests)
  • Druid 9 stars (Level 180 with 6/10 Skill and 2/8 life drain. Inscription Lv88 and Tenacity Crests)
  • Immortep 9 stars (Level 180 with 5/10 Skill and 3/8 berserk. Inscription Lv88 and Flame Guard Crests)
  • Cupid 9 stars (Level 180 with 6/10 Skill and 4/5 Revitalize. Inscription Lv88 and Flame Guard Crests)
  • Santa Boom 9 stars (Level 180 with 6/10 Skill and 4/5 Revitalize. Inscription Lv89 and Tenacity Crests)
  • Pumpkin Duke 9 stars (Level 160 with 6/10 Skill and 3/5 Enlighten. Inscription Lv72 and Bulwark Crests)

Got the Enlighten on PD to help him level faster, will be getting him a better talent soon though.
As for my base I got 4 level 10 arrow towers as well as a magic tower (which I'm working on upgrading to a higher level).
My hero bases are Lv13-14 which gives an extra +26% to +28% bonus to hero's defense.

That is pretty much all the important info that I can currently think of to include. Look forward to seeing other people's work as well as any discussion on what could possibly be improved or weaknesses that can be changed to help complete that next HBM wave.
Feel free to ask any questions as usual!

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